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Richard "The Good", Duke of Normandy

Welcome to the genealogy site of Shellie Harrington Karol-Chik and James Venerable Karol-Chik.

Containing information on over 32,000 people and going back over 1,100 years, the website contains almost 5,000 documents and photographs.

Please stay, took a look around, and let us know what you think!
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Latest News
14 Feb 2015 - We are doing the "Great Genealogy Do-Over" and have started working on our family file from scratch in an effort to clean up all family members. 25 years ago, when this file was started, citing references and being uniform in our data was not important. Now, we are working to make sure that everything is cited and sourced. It will be awhile before our new work is added to the website, but in the meantime, please continue to enjoy what is here!

09 Mar 2014 - We have added timeline events to give you an idea of world events that happened during the lives of our loved ones. We are working on geocoding the rest of the locations, and are preparing for our next big update. Stay tuned!

21 Jul 2013 - Most of the site is back up, but we are still performing clean-up operations with information that did not transfer correctly. Please be patient with us!

07 Jun 2013 - All data on site was recently lost. Don't worry, we'll be back up and running soon, better than ever! Please check back in a few days.